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Budget Friendly Cup Activities For Children

Here are ten easy cup games that a child can play alone. These games promote fine motor skills and creativity. They are budget friendly and easy to do in any space.

  1. Stack plastic cups into a tall tower without toppling it.

  2. Arrange plastic cups in a pyramid formation and use a small ball to knock them down.

  3. Flip a plastic cup and make it land upright.

  4. Stack cups into creative sculptures using tape and other materials.

  5. Draw a tic-tac-toe grid on a piece of paper and use plastic cups instead of markers.

  6. Line up plastic cups and place small objects under them. Have your kids try to remember which cups have which objects under them.

  7. Lay a cup horizontally on a table and and use a straw to blow cotton balls or scrunchy paper into the opening of the cup.

  8. Use cups as a creative medium for art projects. You can paint, decorate, or transform cups into unique sculptures or pencil holders.

9. Create musical instruments using cups. You can make a cup shaker by filling cups with beans or rice, or even turn them into drum-like instruments by stretching a piece of plastic wrap over the open end.

10. Set up different-sized cups at varying distances and let children practice tossing beanbags into them.

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