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Find It- a FUN Visual Perceptual Game!

Recommendation: Thumbs up

If you are look for for a really fun and challenging visual perceptual game- this is it!

This game is called Find it and it comes in many different themes that kids will love! There are little objects hidden within a clear, plastic tube that is filled with colorful pellets. Your kiddos will feel like they are going on an adventure looking for the objects. The game has the items you need to find listed on a capped end and comes with a tear-off pad to check off items as they are found.

You can shake, twist and spin the tube around to find all the hidden pieces. This game is a spin on the I Spy games.

Find It addresses visual scanning, object recognition, problem solving, motor planning, fine motor skills and attention skills. It is recommended for ages 8 and up. I would say this is an accurate age, however they may not be able to find all the objects. It can be challenging to move around all the pellets to find the hidden pieces. This game can be graded by just looking for objects in the plastic tube and not worrying about finding all of them. You can find this game on our Amazon store.

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