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Fun and CHEAP Activity!

If you are a therapist working at a school and have limited equipment in your classroom or therapy room, this is a really great activity for your students. All you need is colored hoops or even colored mats. Here is where you can find hoops.

I’m using 4 colors here, but you can use as many as you want.

Set up the activity:

✔️Place the hoops in a pattern on the floor. I placed 4 hoops in a square pattern, but you can add more or less.

✔️ Give your kiddos a sequence of colors that you want them to follow. I usually start with three colors (red, blue, yellow) and then go up from there.

✔️Your kids need to memorize the sequence and jump into those colored hoops. So if your sequence in red, blue, yellow, they need to follow that patten.

✔️Grade the activity according to the level of the student.

Grade the activity by:

❤️ Give them fewer colors to jump into.

💛 Give them more colors to jump into.

💚 Use easy color patterns

💜 Use harder color patterns

💙 Have them repeat the colors before they jump into the hoops

This activity addresses gross motor skills, memory recall, motor planning, and sensory input. It’s always interesting to see how many colors your students can memorize and recall and if they are able to even jump in the hoops. This activity is fun and challenging for all kiddos!

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