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IZZI- A Great Game to Start the Year!

IZZI, a visual perceptual/problem solving game by Thinkfun is a great game to have to start off the school year. To play, you need to use the included 64 cards to make a square, where like colors touch like colors on all sides. It starts off easy, but gets harder as more cards get used up and there are fewer spaces to place them. What I love about IZZI is how easy it is to grade. Depending on the skill level of the students playing, you can make a simple activity of finding 2 cards with matching sides, or to create squares of any size, from 4 cards and up. It can be an open ended activity, left out on a table through the day for kids to come and add to or rearrange as a pre or post session task. There is no answer key or right way to do it, you can get as creative as you like.

IZZI is a relatively affordable game coming in under $10.00, and as it is so easy to grade, it can be used with many ages and grades.

Check it out on!

Rating: 5 Lady Bugs!

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