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Summer Activities to Develop Fine Motor Skills

Yes, summer is halfway over. But still, the weather is warm and there are so many outdoor activities we can incorporate at home or in a school environment. Here are some of our favorite outdoor activities we do during the warm months!

  • We love using sidewalk chalk for outdoor coloring and making obstacle courses. It is great for copying letters, shapes and patterns on a brick wall or on pavement.

  • Get a spray bottle and spray water on flowers and plants. If you want to be a bit daring, find some mud and have your kiddo spray, spray, spray. Make a mud paint and have them get their hands dirty. Paint paper or the pavement with it. It is a bit messy, but a really fun sensory activity!!

  • Find branch sticks and make designs with them or put them in size order.

  • Place a sponge in a bucket of water. Squeeze the sponge into an empty bucket. Keep going until you fill the empty bucket up!

  • Scavenger hunt: Find different objects in nature that start with the letters of the rainbow.

  • Use scissors to cut leaves and grass and use them to make a collage.

  • Search for small rocks and place them in a container.

  • Using the rocks you found, spray them with water so that they are clean. Then get paint and make them pretty!

  • Tie a string across a railing and place clothespins on it. Write the letters of the alphabet on them and place them in alphabetical order.

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