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Tips for the NEW SCHOOL YEAR

Those first few days getting set up and ready for your new caseload can be stressful. Here are some tried and true tips to help you get through it.

  1. Be flexible. Many schools have rules about when you can and cannot see students. In addition to speech and PT, you may have to work around the students resource center slots and counseling. Eventually, everything will work out, but it may be stressful at first.

  2. Push in when you can. It's always great to work with students in their environment, as it gives you the opportunity to see where they struggle and what is really functional for them. Additionally, it allows you to establish a rapport with the teachers and ensure that anything you are working on is being carried over correctly.

  3. Spend some time building a relationship with your students. Get to know their favorite things. They will be more willing to engage in tasks they perceive as challenging or boring if you have a strong rapport with them and can insert some of their favorites into the session. We created a packet with that in mind! Get to know your students and work on handwriting at the same time!

5. Add a fun element into your session, like a few minutes of free choice. Kids will be excited to pick their own activity, and chances are whatever they choose will have therapeutic value since its in your room!

6. Start off the year with an assessment, so that you always have a baseline to go back to later on in the year.

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