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Wet Erase Markers vs. Dry Erase Markers

Have you ever hear of a wet erase marker? Don't feel bad if you haven't! Until two days ago, I hadn't heard about it either!!

A co-worker of mine saw that I had laminated an activity sheet on Instagram and had used a dry erase marker on it. The marks were very light and looked wet. She messaged me to try wet-erase markers on laminated sheets. She felt they worked better than dry erase markers. I quickly searched Amazon and ordered the first set of wet-erase markers I found. They came in the mail today and I was so excited to try them.

WOW!! I noticed a huge difference with these markers right away!! The marks on the laminated paper were smooth, not wet-looking, and definitely not smudgy. You can see in the picture above

how clear the circles are. Look at the picture in the top right corner. See how wet the dry erase markers look? The marks are light and were almost disappearing from the laminated printable and soon as I wrote on it.

This is a clear win for me. I will be using these wet-erase markers from now on!! Just need to order a few more packs of them, so I have enough for all my kiddos to use during our OT sessions! You can find the wet-erase markers I use here:)

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Nov 26, 2023

I love this! I don't have wet erase markers but I use Flair pens on paper - AND on dry erase sheets. They do smudge when kids try to erase w fingertip, but they clean up w water (spray bottle; extra hand strength - win, win). So I like that it's one Flair pen set for both uses. - Sue, OT in NYC.


Aug 18, 2023

I love wet erase markers because the child doesn’t have to worry about erasing the lines if they bump it with their hand, especially for leftie!

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