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This Life Skills Handwriting Printable Packet addresses so many skills! Work on handwriting skills, while addressing life skills. Work on scissor skills with your students and then sort the pictures into the correct rooms! There are 14 printable worksheets for kids in pre-K k, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. Great for all levels of special education, homeschooling, and occupational therapy!!


This printable set addresses:


  • Capital and lower case letter tracing

  • Handwriting Skills- letter size

  • Sorting of items all around the house

  • Scissor Skills

  • Near point copying with letterboxes for proper letter size

  • Coloring skills

  • Motor planning and problem-solving

  • Scanning for hidden pictures and matching

  • Language skills

  • Organization


Great ability to grade this activity to the individual needs of your student.

Life Skills Handwriting Printable PAcket

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