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Learn Money Skills with an OT Twist!


We have taken traditional money management and incorporated a host of OT goal areas!


  • learn the coin values
  • handwriting skills with lines and letterboxes focusing on coin and bill name and values
  • scanning and figure-ground
  • scissor skills
  • hand strengthening
  • fine motor skills
  • go "shopping" and practice decision making, money management, and critical thinking

Activities are scaffolded to accommodate varied levels. beginning with coin identification and ending with "shopping" for 1, 5, and 10 dollar values. Use scissors, hole punchers, and actual coins to incorporate fine motor and hand strengthening skills.


This is a great packet to use with a life skills program, but equally great as a way to address handwriting and visual perceptual skills with a money and shopping theme.

Money Skills with an OT Twist

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