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This  COMPREHENSIVE Assessment /Screening Tool is a great addition to the School-Based OT Toolbox


Assessing the skills of your students throughout the year is an important step so that you can keep track of their progress and know where to keep your focus.


You can use this Tool at the Beginning, Middle, and End of the School year, and compare the results. It is also great to use when doing an evaluation as an informal assessment.


There are pages of ACTIVITY SHEETS to assess:

  • Handwriting
  • Visual Perceptual Skills
  • Sequencing
  • Scanning
  • Scissor Skills
  • Pencil Control
  • Motor planning

As well as a 2-page CHECKLIST covering ADLs, Fine Motor Skills, Bilateral Skills, Scissor Skills, and Visual Perceptual Skills.


GREAT as an accompaniment to evaluations, as a way to organize important areas for OT.

School Based OT Assessment Tool

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