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Wiki Sticks- So Many Uses!

I love using Wiki Sticks on a lot of my worksheets! It’s a great sensory tool to use instead of a pencil. They are slightly sticky, hence the sensory aspect, but also stick nicely to paper.

Here, I am using a “Follow the Lines”worksheet and having my student trace it with the Wiki Sticks. They are bendable and easy to cut if needed. This activity is a great bilateral and fine motor task. It also addresses visual perception and motor planning! The motor planning aspect of this activity is the challenging part. Kids have to figure out how to move the Wiki Sticks in the direction of the line. To grade this activity, have your kiddos place Wiki Sticks on straight line. Then proceed to lines with a slight curve. Once they have figure out how to motor plan these lines, you can have them try harder lines, like in the picture above.

This worksheet can be found on our TPT store in our Back to School- Level 1 packet. The Wiki Sticks can be found on our Amazon store.

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